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The first restaurant where i visited with my mom and dad to celebrate my birthday, The restaurant where i took pictures with my friends on my graduation day, The restaurant where i received a marriage proposal and shed tears of joy, The restaurant where i can enjoy serenity with a glass of wine when i get older, This is the restaurant i always dreamed about. i think good restaurants should be able to share meaningful and delightful moments with people.

i proudly present that sun at food has been a close friend of customers since 1995. Sun At food has devoted to developing the kind of cuisine that customers want to taste with their loved ones. Sun at food has devoted to providing exceptional service and creating the most suitable dining environment.

i am very excited that sun at food is now about to expand our business info the global market. i believe sun at food will take the lead in the global dining service industry based on our 15 years experience with extraordinary passion.

i promise that Sun At Food will always value and respect our customers.

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